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Meet the Team

Pallet Furniture is continually teaming up with third parties and other groups to work as a greater team on multiple projects.

Feel free to get in touch and we can create some great designs together.

  • Ali


    Designer & Palleteer

    Ali set-up Pallet Furniture as an off-shoot to demands that arose from his Graphic Design work and it's been growing ever since. Also a keen eco-builder, Ali hates anything being seen as waste.

  • Dean


    Designer & Palleteer

    Dean brings the muscle and the creative flair to the team with a background in landscaping, fine art and sculptures behind him his input is invaluable.

  • The Office

    The Office

    Pallets Glorious Pallets

    If inquiring about a project please have an idea of the size (L x w x D) and finish you'd like. Any sanding and varnish will add to the fixed price and be charged per hour. Without a clear understanding of what is required we'll struggle to get back an accurate estimate.


  • Pallet Furniture came along for a one day workshop to show how to dismantle pallets and repurpose them. They were incredibly efficient and knowledgable about the processes they use to get the most from pallets. Over the one day course the group were shown how to make a simple chair and were left it as a gift! Great guys, great energy!

    Meadow Orchard Project
  • The team were really helpful in coming up with solutions from our initial ideas. A great collaboration and would highly recommend their inventiveness they applied to the task in hand.

    Gaia Gallery
  • Pallet Furniture has left a lasting inspiration to our community and the endless possibilities achievable from what some of society regard as waste. I cannot recommended them enough for their spirit and insightful solutions created from discarded materials.

    Transition Belsize

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